Going Quiet For A While

Hey. I have statistical proof that right now I’m talking to an audience that doesn’t exist, but that’s fine. I’m just trying to chronicle this journey, and to properly do that I need an explanation of why there won’t be another post on this blog for six months. The long and short of it is that I am starting an internship that while not at a videogame company  is at a company that’s videogame adjacent. I reached out to their HR department, and they asked me to not post anything on here while I work there. This is a perfectly reasonable request and one I am happy to comply with. But that does mean that this blog will not see any updates until sometime in December when the internship is over. I figured I would take this opportunity to look back on what I’ve done this year and look forward to what will happen when I come back.

There is no doubt that I have been slow to update this blog this year. I’d like to say that this is completely down to a new quality over quantity approach, and while that’s partially true it doesn’t mean that I’m happy with the total output. I have definitely procrastinated on a couple of things, made some projects too big to properly manage, and spent too much time thinking about things I might want to write someday as opposed to things I can write right now.

The fact that I need to increase my output is something I’m conscious of, but I also don’t want to go back to times last year where I was rushing out two mediocre reviews a week. I think both my writing and my critique have gotten a lot better this year, and that’s ultimately what’s most important to me. I look at three specific posts this year, the Night in the Woods review, the Gravity Rush review, and the Metal Gear piece, as signs of definite progress in my writing. The first two are reviews where I go into the ethos of the games a little bit in a way that I previously wouldn’t have. I think this can mostly be credited to the fact that they were written after I had switched my major to English and started thinking of art and media differently. And while I like those reviews and want to do more of that in my reviews, I also don’t want to stop there. The Metal Gear piece is a good example of me dipping my toe into a more focused analytical piece on a specific topic, but it’s ultimately not so different from what I did with my Extended Thoughts on Civ VI (an idea that I’ve since abandoned because I think it pigeon-holes me too much).

Going forward, I want to add more pieces that are extended analytical works dealing with topics similar to those touched upon in the aforementioned reviews. I want to write pieces about the stories games tell, the influences they take, and the greater themes that they contribute to. I have a lot of ideas on this front and in fact already have a draft of a piece like this. I have been reading and watching a lot of essays and video essays lately, and this (along with my classes last semester) has made me rethink a little bit the way I approach this blog. While I enjoy writing reviews and will continue to do so, I also want to do more stuff that can be long-lasting and engages with games on a deeper level. But I also want to legitimately do this and not just pretentiously try to do this. It’s something that I spend way too much time wrestling with in my head, and I hope that without the pressure to produce over the next six months I can take the time to do this. When I come back, I want to have five completed pieces along these lines, either analyzing the story or the mechanics of specific games (or maybe sometimes both). I want to come back with five meaty pieces that are well thought out, well researched, and well written. That’s my goal over the next six months, and I hope that come December I can be proud that I’ve met it. Until then, farewell.