About Site

So now that you know about me, what about this site?  What kind of content can be expected, and what kind of games will I be covering?  I want this page to be a one-stop shop for information about the site, and I plan on updating it as things change.  I expect things to change as I learn more about what I’m doing, but I have a pretty good idea of what I want this site to be going forward.  My main content will be split into four categories: reviews, old games, editorials, and lists.  This is a quick overview of how I want to approach each of these.



The bread and butter, the meat and potatoes; this blog will be populated mostly by reviews.  The concept is pretty simple.  Game comes out, I play it, and then I write a review about it.  I won’t be getting any review copies from publishers or anything like that, so these reviews won’t be hitting until after the game has come out and I have had time to play them.  My process of reviewing isn’t incredibly unique, although I am still refining it.  In addition to traditional reviews, I would like to do long form reviews that go more in depth.  I also want to do spoiler-filled reviews from time to time for games that have stories I find worthy of either praise or criticism.  I do believe that review scores serve a purpose, and I use a 5 star scale.  The basic formula is as follows:

5 Star – A fantastic game.  It accomplishes everything it sets out for and does something new for the genre.

4 Star – A well-made game that is mostly successful in what it is trying to do.  However, it either has some issues holding back the overall experience or lacks general ambition.

3 Star – The middle of the road.  A 3 Star game is probably worth your time, but it either has a plethora of issues plaguing it or is incredibly iterative of other games.

2 Star – A 2 Star game might have some cool ideas, but it doesn’t deliver on them well enough to save the game from being a disappointment.

1 Star – This game is bad.  It is poorly conceived and poorly executed.  It’s also probably broken.  You should not play this game.


Old Games:

As I talked about in my About Me, I don’t have as much experience with older games as I would like to, and I try to play them from time to time.  As I play these games, I also plan on writing about my experience with them.  I haven’t nailed down an exact formula for how I plan on dealing with them.  I might just write LttP posts, although I hope I can at least find a better, less overused name for them.  I also might write reviews for them from time to time.  I think all of this depends on how old the game is too.  If the game has a huge historical significance, I think it is unfair to review it based on modern standards.  At the same time, reviewing it on a historical basis is boring and a little dishonest.  This is especially true for early 3D games which don’t hold up very well.  A good example of something I’ve done in the past would be the post I wrote about Halo 1-4 last year.  It is a paragraph or two about my experience with each of those games.  Reviewing Halo: Combat Evolved in 2014 wouldn’t make any sense.  Plus, I didn’t play the multiplayer component of any of those games.  However, I spent a lot of time playing those games and had things to say about them.  Plus, it gives a good indication of my thoughts on the series going into my Halo 5 review.  In fact, I might do similar things in the future for games that I’ve already played.  For instance, I have played and loved all three Uncharted games multiple times in the past.  However, I also have the minority opinion that Uncharted 3 is the best in the series.  Therefore, going into Uncharted 4, it will be useful for the reader to know my thoughts on the series.  The best part about this, and the blog as a whole, is that nothing is set in stone.  I can decide to write about whatever I want in whatever format I want to.  I definitely plan on covering old games, and these are just a few of the ways I plan on doing so.



Editorial might be too formal of a word, but I couldn’t think of anything better.  Basically, news will break, things will happen, I’ll notice trends, and I will want to discuss this stuff.  Editorial is just an all-encompassing term for this.  For instance, say Infamous 4 gets announced (it won’t).  I love the Infamous series, and I will want to write an article talking about what I thought of the announcement and what I would want to see out of the eventual game.  Or say I notice a trend of game stories ending without proper or satisfying conclusions.  This is a big pet peeve of mine, and I would want to write a piece talking about how important closure is to me in a game, especially a game that is pegged to be the last in a series.  There isn’t much else to say here.  This will just be a way for me to talk about news or the industry as a whole rather than games that I have played.