About Me/Site

Picture of Me circa 2015

Hey.  My name is Stephen Mansfield, and I’m the sole guy running this blog.  I’m a third-year English major at Northeastern University, and I use this site to talk about videogames. This page is a placeholder as this site goes through a bit of an identity change. I guess the long and short of it is that over a six-month haitus where I was unable to contribute to this blog, I had a change of heart over what I wanted this blog to be. It was original a lot of straightforward, consumer-focused reviews and industry-focused editorials. For now I’m still going to keep that stuff up as a record of where I’ve been and how far I’ve come, but I’m not a big fan of any of it anymore. As I’m writing this on March 5, 2018 I have officially entered a new chapter of this journey. Starting with my Shadow of the Colossus piece that I published only minutes ago, I’m going to be approaching games in a more analytical way. I care less about whether a game is good and more about what a game says. I want to talk about our emotional and intellectual relationship with games and how different aspects of a game affect that relationship, and I’d be thrilled if you came along for the ride.

If you want to contact me, email me at: stephenmansfield21@gmail.com