Notice About Posts Below This

Hey. As you can tell by the dates on the posts, there was a long break between what’s below this and what’s above it. I was forced for work-related reasons to take a 6-month break from posting anything, and when I came back to it I found myself in an entirely different place as a critic. With a few exceptions that sort of hinted at where I was going, the posts below this one are all consumer-focused reviews, industry-focused editorials, or bland retrospectives. There’s very little in the way of critical analysis, which is (hopefully) what will be found above this post. I’m not taking down anything that I’ve put up, but I just want this post to signify an explicit change in direction and identity for this blog. I’m not a huge fan of the stuff that’s written below this post, and I think people should know that.

This was originally an update about why I wasn’t going to be posting anything for 6 months (which turned into 8 months), but I’ve edited it into this because it’s place on the homepage makes doing so convenient.

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