General Update (July 6, 2016)

Hey, things have been sort of crazy over the past few weeks.  I tried to get out as much stuff surrounding E3 as I could, but I was super busy so some of it probably reads as very rushed. But now my finals are finished, E3 is over, and I am ready to get back into a normal schedule.  Without planning to, I got into  regular rhythm for a while where I would be writing either a review or an OOT on Tuesday and a more editorial type post on Friday.  I don’t know if I want to keep to this strict schedule, but I want to get back to posting two blogs a week.  In the mean time this blog will just be about what I have been playing, what I plan to play and write about in the future, and any other things that I’m thinking about writing about.

The game I have been playing the most recently is NBA 2K16.  The excitement surrounding the finals, draft, and free agency got me paying more close attention to basketball recently, and the game was free on PlayStation Plus.  I played through a season of the My GM mode and was able to build my admittedly pathetic Brooklyn Nets into a pretty good team.  We ended up losing to the Thunder in the Finals and completely striking out in free agency, but I think the team will be in a good spot if I ever decide to continue into a second season.  I also played a little bit of the Spike Lee My Career mode, and that thing is pretty terrible.  I had to put it down because the story and acting was insufferable, and the basketball portions of that mode were not very interesting.  I liked what they were doing in the past with the more story focused Career modes, but this was a step in the wrong direction.

NBA 2K16_20160707160458
Even in a video game the Nets can’t win a Championship.

I also jumped back into Street Fighter V after the July 1st June Update.  I wanted to see how they would pull off the Mortal Kombat style story mode, and I came away with mixed feelings.  It is honestly better than I expected, does a good job of setting up the story of Street Fighter 3, is cheesy in all the right ways, has a fair amount of cameos, and gives every character except for Alex a decent amount of screen time.  I especially like that less popular characters such as Rashid, FANG, and Karin were actually some of the most important ones in the story.  However, I also had plenty of gripes with it.  The storytelling is haphazard.  The introduction is a mess of different story lines being introduced without reason or much explanation, and it makes the first act of the game very hard to follow.  After that it starts to abandon most of the story lines that aren’t Nash getting revenge on Bison and the whole gang taking down Shadaloo.  The fight between Necalli and Ryu especially feels thrown in.  The other big problem is the loading screens.  Having a loading screen in between every cutscene kills any sense of pacing the story had.  This is especially true when there are sometimes multiple cutscenes back to back.  The senselessness is part of what makes the MK story modes work so well.  But overall, it was a good first effort.  Netherrealm/Midway had been experimenting for years before MK9 knocked it out of the park, so I am satisfied with this as a first attempt for Capcom.  Since beating the story, I used fight money to purchase Ibuki and have been playing as her in casual matches for now.  I really like her play style and think she will become my second main along with Rashid.  With everything finally up an running, it feels like Street Fighter V is finally where it should have been at launch.  I am now looking forward to EVO and am optimistic about the future of this game.

The last game that I have been playing lately is Furi.  I knew very little about this game before it became free on PlayStation Plus, and I am loving what I have played so far.  I made it through the fifth boss and completed the early ending.  I’m now looking to play through the rest of the bosses and see the two final endings.  I want to write a review of the game, so I don’t want to give away too many of my thoughts.  I will just say that the style is incredible, the gameplay is tight, and the story shows promise.  Considering that it is free on PS+, people should at least give this game a shot.

STREET FIGHTER V_20160708165225
The story mode for Street Fighter V has some problems, but Ibuki is great.

Moving on from what I have been playing to what I want to write about in the next coming weeks.  Assuming that I am good enough to finish the game, I will have a review of Furi up on Tuesday.  In terms of games coming out, the only July release that really interests me is I Am Setsuna.  The game looks incredible, and I hope to pick it up and write a review for it.  Other than that, July will be mainly focused on playing older games or going back to games I missed earlier this year.  My first priority will probably be The Banner Saga 2 because it is free on Xbox One this month, although I do want to play the first game before hand.  I also got about halfway through XCOM 2 in February before putting it down.  It is something I would like to go back to at some point.  Recent releases of VA-11 HALL-A and Inside are both intriguing to me as well.  I want to get back to continuing my RPG quest that I set out on starting with Persona 4.  With Setsuna and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided coming out soon, Chrono Trigger and both the original Deus Ex and Human Revolution are my priorities.

Editorials are a bit more weird because I can’t really plan ahead for them.  However, there are two things that have been on my mind lately.  I think there is finally enough information about the PlayStation Neo and Xbox Scorpio for me to form an opinion about them.  I might want to hold off until the official Neo announcement, but I finally have an idea about what these machines are.  I have also been fascinated by the recent Counter-Strike: GO situation.  I am not a member of that community in any way, so me talking about it might seem wrong.  However, I do have a lot to say just in general about online content creators, and I think this is a great jumping off point.

Furi is a game that everyone should be playing right now.

So that is what the near future holds for this blog.  With the fall about to heat up I plan on focusing more on games than editorials, but ultimately I am just going to be talking about what interests me.  Look for my Furi review on Tuesday and then whatever I decide to write on Friday.

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