E3 2016 Preview: Third Parties

So the premise of this blog is somewhat weird.  Basically, there are games from third parties that will be shown at the Microsoft or Sony press conference but will be coming to both consoles.  I didn’t want to get involved in the marketing deal war and try to predict which games would be at which conference.  Therefore, I decided to make a separate blog for them.  So I will be going through six publishers that aren’t EA, Bethesda, or Ubisoft and are likely to show a multiplatform game at a press conference.  Any potential exclusives I already covered with the Sony and Microsoft blogs.  So without further to do, here they are.

Square Enix


I’ll start with the publisher who decided not to have a conference this year.  Square Enix’s lack of a press conference probably says a lot about what they have to announce.  But aside from the games already mentioned under the Sony conference, I think Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and Final Fantasy XV are both prime suspects for press conference demos or trailers.  They both launch within a few months of E3 and are both pretty big games.  I’ll also give an outside chance to Kingdom Hearts III and an even more outside chance to Dragon Quest XI.  I don’t expect any new game announcements from Square though.



Activision will probably appear with two games at E3.  The first is Destiny: The Iron God which is being announced officially after I write this but before I post it.  If you’re reading this, it’s because I forgot to come back and edit it.  But unless they just blow it out completely on Thursday, I expect Destiny to make its fourth consecutive appearance at the Sony stage.  It’s also basically confirmed that Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare will be there.  They need to bring a better demo than they brought for Black Ops 3.  A Call of Duty demo is going to draw ire from some people no matter what, but a good one will at least lessen that.



Capcom has the most potential for this year’s E3.  In addition to the potential exclusives Deep Down and Dead Rising 4, it is likely that Resident Evil 7 will be there.  What Resident Evil 7 is, where it debuts, and whether or not it is an exclusive are all questions worth asking.  They have said that they are going to be focusing on the franchise’s horror roots, but I don’t know that I believe them.  The game will also probably get a release date for this fall.  I will also leave an outside chance for Devil May Cry 5, but I think that is more of a TGS announcement.

Deep Silver


Deep Silver will be announcing a game at E3.  Although that might be a little misleading because they actually just announced a game this week.  Agents of Mayhem will be the next game from Saints Row studio Volition.  And while I’m not sure that the game is big enough to take up time at a press conference, the lack of gameplay in favor of a CGI trailer makes me think that it’s possible it will show up at Sony or Microsoft.  But Deep Silver might be announcing another game as well.  If they are, the likely suspects would be a new Metro or the rebooted version of Dead Island 2.






The only announced Take-Two game is Mafia 3.  This may or may not be press conference worthy.  But they also have a bunch of potential announcements.  We’ll start with the big one, a new Red Dead.  This game is obviously in development at this point, it’s just a matter of whether or not Rockstar will reveal a game at E3.  The pending Red Dead Redemption backwards compatability on Xbox One gives some credence to the idea that both could be announced on the Xbox stage.  A Bishock remastered collection has been floating around and Take-Two insists that the franchise will continue.  An E3 announcement wouldn’t be an absurd thought.  Sticking to Bioshock, we still don’t know what Ken Levine is working on.  I don’t think he will announce his game this year, but I bet either Sony or Microsoft would love to have him on stage.  The last possibility is Borderlands 3.  It’s probably too early for this, but Gearbox might want to put Battleborn behind themselves as soon as possible.

Warner Bros.


Rounding things off is Warner Bros.  There are three games that are very likely to make an appearance at E3.  The first is Injustice 2 which just leaked recently.  The second is Shadow of Mordor 2 which had a CGI trailer commissioned for it.  That means that a CGI trailer will probably be shown at one of the conferences.  The final one is Suicide Squad which has been both hinted at and confirmed for a while now.  Now is the perfect time to announce the game and possibly release it soon with the movie coming out this year.

And that’s actually it.  I’m not expecting a ton of noise on the third party front, but that is a fair number of games to take up time in press conferences.  There are also plenty of independent games that could show up on these conferences, but it is so hard to predict which ones.

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